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BHMA Product Certification Program

BHMA sponsors third-party certification of hardware products. Third-party certification is a formal process for independently verifying that a product meets specific requirements or criteria.

Under the BHMA-sponsored certification program, manufacturers voluntarily submit a hardware product to independent laboratory testing to confirm that the product fully meets the criteria of its ANSI/BHMA standard.  In-factory audits of the product are conducted periodically to assure that product comply to the standard. Products unable to pass the auditing process face loss of certification.

Are you interested in BHMA certification of your company's products?

-  Download “2012 BHMA Certified Presentation” (PowerPoint presentation) to gain a better understanding of the Certified program and the BHMA Certified Mark.

Application for Certification, License Agreement and Program Manual provides details including:

     -the labs that will conduct testing

     -the ANSI/BHMA standards with certification programs

     -the agreement to sign when your company's products are ready to be certified

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Notice to BHMA Certified Products Directory Participating CompaniesNov 25, 2014


Product Categories Offering BHMA Certification

Currently the BHMA-sponsored certification program covers the following categories of builders hardware. The categories and the ANSI/BHMA standards to which they are tested are as follows:

  • A-Butts & Hinges (A156.1), Hinge Templates (A156.7), Self Closing Hinges (A156.17),
    Strap & Tee Hinges (156.20), Continuous Hinges (A156.26)

  • B-Cabinet Hardware (A156.9), Auxiliary Hardware (A156.16)

  • D-Sliding & Folding (A156.14)

  • C-Closers (A156.4), Stops & Holders (A156.8), Release Devices (A156.15)

  • E-Auxiliary Locks (A156.5), Cabinet Locks (A156.11), Electromagnetic (A156.23), Exit Locks, Hi Security Cylinders (A156.30) Electric Strikes (A156.31), Auxiliary Locks (A156.36)

  • F-Locks & Latches (A156.2), Interconnected (A156.12), Mortise Locks (A156.13), Electrified Locks (A156.25), Multipoint Locks (A156.37)

  • G-Exit Devices (A156.3), Delayed Egress (A156.24), Exit Locks, Alarms (A156.29)

  • J- Architectural Trim (A156.6), Thresholds (A156.21), Gasketing (A156.22), Egress Marking (A156.35)

  • P- Low Energy Doors (A156.19), Revolving Doors (A156.27), Low Energy Power Operateed Sliding and Folding Doors (A156.38)

  • Q-IDHA’s (A156.32)

  • All sections-Materials & Finishes (A156.18)

BHMA publishes an annual directory of all BHMA certified hardware products.  Browse the 2014 BHMA Certified Products Directory.   

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