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BHMA Certification Program

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BHMA Product Certification Program

In addition to standards development, BHMA sponsors third-party certification of hardware products. Third-party certification is a formal process for independently verifying that a product meets specific requirements or criteria.

Under the BHMA-sponsored certification program, manufacturers voluntarily submit a hardware product to independent laboratory testing to confirm that the product fully meets the criteria of its ANSI/BHMA standard. To make sure a certified product continues to conform to its underlying standard, in-factory audits of the product are conducted periodically. Products unable to pass the auditing process face loss of certification.

Are you interested in BHMA certification of your company's products?

-  Download “2012 BHMA Certified Presentation” (PowerPoint presentation) to gain a better understanding of the Certified program and the BHMA Certified Mark.

Application for Certification, License Agreement and Program Manual provides details including:

     -the labs that will conduct testing

     -the ANSI/BHMA standards with certification programs

     -the agreement to sign when your company's products are ready to be certified

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Download Infographic

Product Categories Offering BHMA Certification

Currently the BHMA-sponsored certification program covers the following categories of builders hardware. The categories and the ANSI/BHMA standards to which they are tested are as follows:

  • A-Butts & Hinges (A156.1), Hinge Templates (A156.7), Self Closing Hinges (A156.17),
    Strap & Tee Hinges (156.20), Continuous Hinges (A156.26)

  • B-Cabinet Hardware (A156.9), Auxiliary Hardware (A156.16)

  • D-Sliding & Folding (A156.14)

  • C-Closers (A156.4), Stops & Holders (A156.8), Release Devices (A156.15)

  • E-Auxiliary Locks (A156.5), Cabinet Locks (A156.11), Electromagnetic (A156.23), Exit Locks, Hi Security Cylinders (A156.30) Electric Strikes (A156.31), Auxiliary Locks (A156.36)

  • F-Locks & Latches (A156.2), Interconnected (A156.12), Mortise Locks (A156.13), Electrified Locks (A156.25), Multipoint Locks (A156.37)

  • G-Exit Devices (A156.3), Delayed Egress (A156.24), Exit Locks, Alarms (A156.29)

  • J- Architectural Trim (A156.6), Thresholds (A156.21), Gasketing (A156.22), Egress Marking (A156.35)

  • P- Power Doors (A156.10), Low Energy Doors (A156.19), Revolving Doors (A156.27)

  • Q-IDHA’s (A156.32)

  • All sections-Materials & Finishes (A156.18)

BHMA publishes an annual directory of all BHMA certified hardware products.  Browse the 2014 BHMA Certified Products Directory.   

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