What are the 'Steps to Certification' of your hardware?


How can I tell if a product is certified?  Read:  'Is It a BHMA Certified Product'?


   Are you looking for a list of

BHMA certified products?
Search the most recent listings in the online 2017 BHMA Certified Products Directory here.

The 2017 version will be available soon in PDF.  The Download link above allows you to view and download the complete 2016 version of 556-page PDF/print version of the complete directory with the explanation of the numbering system.  

For information on BHMA's A156 series of builders hardware standards view the scopes of each ANSI/BHMA standard here.

Question about Product Numbering?

Link here to find out 'What the Numbers Mean'




 For useful information about hardware that hangs,  controls, secures, and trims the doors view  Hardware Highlights!

Link now for a quick video illustration of the testing and certification process!




Check back again, more resources for architects and specifiers are coming soon.