ANSI/BHMA A156.34 Ligature Resistant Locks

ANSI/BHMA A156.34-2016 
1.1 This Standard defines requirements and test methods for ligature resistant trim on bored locks and
mortise locks. These requirements apply to the exposed parts of the lockset on the face of the door in the
closed position only.
1.2 Tests described in this Standard are performed under laboratory conditions. In actual usage, results
vary because of installation, maintenance and environmental conditions.
1.3 Level Qualifications. Manufacturers shall indicate the Level that their trim meets (i.e. Level A, B or C)
for each side of the door. The product Level is established based on testing the Ligature Resistant Trim to
the requirements established in Section 4. The inside and outside trim shall be evaluated and rated
individually unless they are identical; it is acceptable for only one side to meet a level.
Approved December 22, 2016